Hypnotherapy and Gardening – 6 Similarities They Share

Is there a correlation between hypnotherapy and gardening?  There definitely is!

I’ll name six things they both have in common.

1 - Both gardening and hypnotherapy will put you in a pleasant state of mind – a trance, if you will.  In fact, gardening, flowers, trees and nature are often used in hypnotherapy, due to the calming condition it creates. 

2 - During hypnotherapy, a person has a heightened focus and concentration, and I believe the same can be said of one who is gardening.

3 - Hypnotherapy is planting a seed in someone’s subconscious and gardening also may include planting seeds!  Both grow roots and they blossom and flower into something beautiful.

4 - With continued cultivation of both, you will have a lovely garden or a lovely mind.  Both make life so much more amazing!

5 - Gardening and hypnotherapy get rid of the thorns and weeds, that can, at times, take over the garden (or mind) and create an unattractive state of being. 

6 – Hypnotherapy and gardening are both forms of therapy. 

I’ll end this blog in the words of the infamous Joe Dirt played by David Spade, “Life’s a garden – Dig it!”   


Love & Hugs,