Does Hypnosis Work? A Comparison Study.

A while back Health Magazine reported on a study that compared Psychoanalysis, Behavior Therapy, and Hypnotherapy.  The findings were as follows:

* Psychoanalysis:  38% recovery after 600 sessions

* Behavior Therapy:  72% recovery after 22 sessions

* Hypnotherapy:  93% recovery after 6 sessions

These results did not surprise me, and I will personally attest to the amazing transformation I had after only one hypnotherapy session.  I'd bought a 6-session package, and after one two-hour session I began to drastically change.  I worked on letting worry and negative thoughts go.  The "I should" and "what if" thought patterns of decades just fell away.  I promised myself I would not worry any more; only deal with something if I found that I actually had a situation arise in which I had something real to worry about, and even then I'd put together an action plan rather than worry.  Only one session and I was happy and cheerful and learning everything I could about hypnosis.  My entire existence changed even before the sixth session, with me becoming the best version of myself.  I was transformed, amazed, happy and super optimistic!


Which brings me to the next point of the article, which states "the majority of people believe hypnosis is a last resort tool for smoking cessation, weight loss or changing habits.  Hypnosis is client-centered with its focus on the discovery of the origin of a person's issues.  Through the process of hypnosis/regression the unconscious mind goes to the original cause, which then gives the person and practitioner the opportunity to process the original feelings surrounding the original experience/cause.  These surrounding feelings can be healed, thus empowering the person to live the life they want to live."  So why is hypnosis a "last resort" for most individuals that need important changes made?


I recently had someone tell me how excited he was to quit smoking, as he'd very recently made the decision to stop and was super gung-ho to get going on hypnotherapy.  However, after speaking to his spouse, he was told he wasn't allowed to have hypnotherapy, because she didn't believe in it and didn't want me putting some foreign thought(s) into her husband's head.  He apologized and I said that was fine, and kindly suggested his wife may want to do some research on the matter.   I've also had friends and family tease me about the usual spinning pinwheel, swinging pocket-watch, clucking chicken, etc.  One family member even said he prayed about it and felt that God did not consider it a sin for me to perform hypnotherapy on him for self-confidence.  The misconceptions are so vast that it makes me sad to think about how many great people are literally missing out on overcoming their personal issues in a relatively short period of time and moving on to live the best, happiest life possible.  And the negative stigma continues... Even recently a movie released at the theatre portraying a family that hypnotized unsuspecting visitors into becoming their hypnotized slaves and servants.  This could never happen with hypnosis, but the media and much of society continue with this mindset. 


My hope is that someday more people will become aware of how quickly they can resolve issues and be happier, healthier humans with just a small amount of hypnosis.  In the meantime, I continue to do my best to enlighten others on the all-around beneficial facets of hypnosis. 


If you have any questions for me about hypnosis please reach out via phone (702-802-1291) or by email (  I'm happy to chat and answer any questions you may have.


Love & Hugs,